Our Services

We serve only one client type, providing virtually every service they could possibly need

Boulevard Family Wealth offers clients total multifamily office services that provide structure and control, full eyes on every detail, expert advice, unbiased judgement, and complete customization to deliver fully-tailored solutions.


We serve as the lead advisor and chief of staff for our clients

We help support the launch of new businesses, negotiate complex real estate transactions, manage an array of residential properties, screen partnerships, navigate death and separation, and more. We do this in concert with their other trusted advisors, lawyers, and accountants.  At Boulevard, we anticipate our clients’ needs before anyone else to help them better understand what they own, what they’re actually spending, family succession plans, as well as custom details regarding their trust and estate. The minutiae counts. The details matter.


We put your plans for the future back on track

Estate plans serve as a living roadmap for defining your goals and achieving your desires for the future. We lead the entire planning process, from access to a network of trusted attorneys and accountants, estimating potential impacts on cash flow and lifestyle, improving efficiency, and controlling administrative costs. Furthermore, we regularly revisit your plans to adapt to new circumstances.


Gain access to bespoke wealth management strategies

We have made our name as disruptors in the insurance industry. Our insurance strategies go far beyond risk management, serving as a unique wealth management tool unavailable outside of the ultra-high net worth space. We treat insurance as an actively managed asset class, extracting added value by leveraging our clients’ and partners’ extraordinary resources and negotiating power. Our strategies enable clients to provide tax-free liquidity to pay estate taxes, optimize asset management through private placement insurance plans, and tactically own assets that are uncorrelated to interest rates. Our affiliate, Boulevard Insurance Strategies, is the one of the industry’s most sought-after strategic planning partners for advisors, attorneys, and family offices across the country.

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Solutions tailored to your lifestyle and risk tolerance

Working exclusively with $100-million-plus clients, our asset management approach is focused on tax efficiency and legacy, and customized to each client. Using both active and passive strategies, we seek attractive risk-adjusted returns on an after-tax basis to deliver the risk management and cash flow appropriate to our clients’ lifestyles.


Unique liquidity solutions customized to your needs

Our clients have unique credit requirements, from loan size to speed of closing. We identify the best credit solutions available — including securities lending, asset-based financing, and lines of credit — and tailor them to our clients’ needs. We are particularly known for our ability to manage collateral and mitigate risk. We connect capital from private lending platforms, combining unique customization and pricing far sharper than bank offerings.


Enhance the impact of your family foundation.

We have deep experience working with the large endowment size and indefinite time horizons of substantial family foundations. We seek predictable, reliable income streams, so that family foundations can continue to embody their donors’ principles and meet their charitable goals. Our clients rely on us to work closely with administrators of charitable organizations to ensure alignment and maximize impact.