Our clients are the zero-point-one percent

At Boulevard, our expertise is working with first-generation wealth—individuals who have achieved success in real estate, technology, private equity, as well as the arts and entertainment fields.

Although our clients may have international lifestyles and business interests, they share our love for L.A. and its culture, community, and easy way of life.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Make the most of the value you have created

A liquidity event is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to monetize and preserve the value of your life’s work. We partner with you to navigate succession challenges, structure solutions for new ventures, network with other successful Boulevard clients and bring simplicity and control to your life.

Executives, Investors, Athletes

Simplify your exceptionally complex finances

We have years of experience developing personalized solutions across industries, from private equity to real estate to technology. Let us untangle the details of managing concentrated wealth, illiquid assets, and compensation tied to contractual obligations, so you can focus on your personal and professional goals.

Ultra-High Net Worth Families

Anticipate the needs of every generation

We excel at catering to the sensitive dynamics of ultra-affluent families, solving for current lifestyle challenges as well as long-term legacy issues. Whether your family is close-knit or geographically dispersed, we anticipate your needs and appreciate the nuances of your unique family dynamic.