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07/01/2021 | Insights

What Every RIA Should Know About Life Insurance Outsourcing

Some RIAs with insurance experience have established connections; however, these can be simple bi-lateral arrangements with insurance carriers, resulting in limited choice and less competitive outcomes.
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04/01/2021 | News

Most Impactful New Change in the Insurance Space for RIAs

The Federal Reserve cut its benchmark interest rate to 0% in March 2020. That has far reaching implications for the performance of all asset classes.
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01/01/2021 | Insights

Biden’s Tax Changes

The key impact from Biden’s proposed tax changes to the wealthy appears to be a significant increase in taxation of long-term capital gains, bringing them in line with current income taxation levels.
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10/01/2020 | News

Case Study: Our Solution to a Fund Founder Client

Boulevard works in concert with sophisticated advisors to deliver some of the most advanced marketplace advice. Our assisted sales model can be tailored to the client relationship as the advisor sees fit, either in a consultancy capacity to the advisor or fully outsourced directly to the client.
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07/01/2020 | News

3 Reasons Why Life Insurance is Important for RIA Today

We are living in unprecedented times. Markets have been in free fall, the future of the world economy, global supply chains, and the service industry, as we know it is in a state of flux.
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